Bearing the Brunt of Conservative Indecisiveness

Bearing the Brunt of Conservative Indecisiveness

As Douglas Brunt discusses his new novel titled The Means on a recent broadcast of FOX News Channel’s The Kelly Files, wife Meygan Kelly-Brunt asks Brunt how his fictitious characters bear the brunt of Republican lawmaking. The Pennsylvania native, whose only other novel is 2014’s Ghosts of Manhattan, talks how he began writing The Means in about a few months, setting the stage for Brunt-ian gubernatorial suspense. Though Brunt was a key player in the business-Internet space, he had been the toughest entrepreneur who built his sprawling empire of tech companies – and how Brunt created his Republican-friendly characters found in this gripping political tale.

However, Douglas Brunt showed FOX News Channel viewers how he put together a critically praised novel which could bear the brunt of gubernatorial winning and losing in a conspiring world of Republican Congressional lawmaking. Truth is in conservative lawmaking these days; and The Means brings the Republican National Convention’s most deliberate delegate in one of the most beloved and most acclaimed works of fiction focusing on mayoral and gubernatorial brunt.