Sounds wonderful!

After trying multiple pairs of in ear headphones, I found them to be uncomfortable and constantly had to readjust them.  Often times they would fall out of my ears so I opted for an over the ear design.  I wanted a pair of headphones that offered good range and rested comfortably on my ears without the bulk of “can” type phones that are too large or clumsy. The headphones would be used predominantly for travel.  I also wanted something mid-range as noise cancelling head phones can cost over $300.  After many listens, I think I found the right pair.


The Bose on-ear headphones ($162 at deliver clean, rich sound in a small, light, on-ear design. They weigh less than five ounces and the ear cups are softly padded with memory foam that gently conforms to the shape of your ears. They are designed to…

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