The day after a combative incident in which Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was forcibly ejected from a Donald Trump press conference in Dubuque, IA, Univision CEO Randy Falco has blasted the erstwhile The Apprentice host cum Presidential candidate in a Wednesday night statement. Calling the treatment Ramos experienced “beneath contempt,” Falco defended Ramos’ journalistic professionalism and called Trump out for what he described has “complete disregard” for Ramos, and for Hispanics generally.

Here’s the full statement:

The recent treatment that Jorge Ramos received at Mr. Trump’s press conference in Iowa is beneath contempt. As a Presidential candidate, Mr. Trump is going to get tough questions from the press and has to answer them. Jorge Ramos is one of the most professional, dedicated and respected journalists I have seen or worked with in my 40 years in media. He always asks hard questions of candidates and elected officials, regardless of party…

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