Update with more comments from NBC panel: “People in the political world are looking for somebody who speaks their mind regardless of anything else. And he does that,” NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt said of former Celebrity Apprentice star/current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump today at TCA Summer Press Tour.

The comments came as Greenblatt announced that Celebrity Apprentice will not air during the upcoming season, but will return for the 2016-17 season with a new host.

nbc logo“Whether  you agree with anything he says, he says it without any kind of filter,” Greenblatt said of Trump’s appeal. “You also get he sense he doesn’t have a big retinue of people who are messaging him and handling him and…there’s  something refreshing about that,” Greenblatt acknowledged.

“I do believe that at a certain point you have to also look at the message, and make your own decisions, draw your own conclusions. But the…

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