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An admirer and a fan of the El Sido blog, Hand Solo, made the following comment about the blog on Broadsheet.ie

“Ah the fascinating (and rarely seen) Roscommon mating method. Blunder in, defend some sarcastic auld bilge, then sit back and wait for laydeez. I love watching you at work Sido, you’re a ray of sunshine in these dark Summer days. Thanks buddy.”

Well thank you Hand – it’s nice to be nice. And it’s nice to get a bit of positive feedback every once in a while. So much for the so called Internet Hate Machine.

Franks election bash with generous free entertainment Franks election bash with generous free entertainment

Though sadly the most positive criticism I can offer the subject of this post,  Fine Gael Deputy Frank Feighan, is resign!  At least that way you can start to regain some sense of self worth and human decency.

Maybe I should explain, under Ireland’s Proportional Representation …

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