Get my head out of bed, WordPress blogger!

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Oh, Get Your Head Outta Bed guy, I don’t know who you were but I couldn’t get your song out of my head.  But I certainly knew how to get my head out of bed.  I had an alarm clock and it rang no later than 6 AM every morning to tell me it was time to get up and feed the cows.  I hated the sound of that screeching clock, although I loved the clock itself, which I used for close to 20 years.  I’d tried waking up to the radio, but the music was never enough to jolt me out of slumber and I would invariably drift back to sleep, which was a bad, bad, bad idea.

For you see, Get Your Head Outta Bed guy, my clock radio wasn’t the real alarm.  The real alarm was my dad, who would call upstairs every morning to tell me…

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