Bureaucracy is the father off Presidential confrontation.

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AuroraShe seems sweet, but don’t let that fool you.  There is bitterness hiding  behind those eyes.

Today, stepping up to the plate and pinch hitting in my absence is Aurora, of Authentically Aurora, and quite frankly in this guest post she hits a Bitter grand slam.  It helps that the subject is the Bittercrats in the government, but she nails it. I should mention that she actually wrote this post LINK HERE on her blog originally, but it was so fantastically bitter that I asked if I could steal it for a guest post. Her blog is about her singleness and misadventures in dating, but don’t let that title in her blog fool you.  She’s also a super talented, well rounded Christian woman who also happens to also be a super skilled writer as well.  Go check her out on her blog, Authentically Aurora.   

“Government Bittercrats”


When life gives…

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